What is Easter Feast?

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What is Easter Feast?

Easter is the oldest and most important holiday in Christianity. On the 3rd day after the crucifixion of Jesus is celebrated as the resurrection. Although there are differences between Eastern and Western churches, the Easter period is approximately the end of March to the end of April.

Easter Feast Day, which is not carried out every year on a fixed date and mostly celebrated on Sunday by churches in the world , is also called the Day of Resurrection, the Resurrection Market or the Resurrection Day .

The origin of the Easter name was used as, Pascha daki by the Greek and Latin writers of the 2nd century . In Hebrew, the word geçmiş Pesah “ is derived in the form of thepassage to Aramaic . This word means bağış touching gönderme and refers to the Israelites’ escape from captivity in Egypt, or to forgive the firstborn children of the children of Israel.

The word Easter is derived in Latin . Some Western languages Easter instead of Easter ,Osteen they used words like. The Eostor in the Carmen Calendar is in April. This month, he gets his name from the goddess Anglosakson Pagan.

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When is Easter Feast Celebrated?

2019 Easter  Feast holiday is you look our link The feast of Easter is the greatest Christian holiday that voiced the resurrection of Jesus.Jesus was crucified between 29-33 AD. The earliest records of the Easter Feast, estimated to have been celebrated since then, belong to the 2nd century. However, it is estimated that the remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection relies on even more ancient histories.

The day when Jesus was resurrected was one of the major controversies between the Eastern and Western churches until the 8th century. Christians in Anatolia celebrate the day when Jesus was crucified on the 14th day after the first full moon of spring, which he celebrated as the Pesah (Passover), which is important for the Jews. According to the Jewish Calendar , it is determined as 14 April. The day of resurrection is celebrated on April 16, two days after that, regardless of the day of the week.

However, this month, the name of April in the Jewish Calendar, does not correspond to the Gregorian Calendar used today. It covers part of March and April. In the Western Churches,  Jesus was raised on a Sunday, and on the first Sunday after April 14, the Jewish Pazar Day of Resurrection de is accepted. Regardless of any day today, the number of people celebrating in April is very few.

In the Council of Nicaea in 325, it was decided to celebrate Sunday after the first full moon after Easter’s spring plant (March 21). Therefore, Easter is one of the Sundays between 22 March and 25 April according to the Gregorian Calendar . The Eastern Orthodox Catholicis are celebrated mainly after the Protestant and Catholic churches, as they are based on the Julian Calendar. At the same time, it is noted that Easter churches do not coincide with the Jewish Day of Feast. A fixed calendar for the Easter Feast of the 20th century was asked to be determined, but these studies were not successful. Easter covers the Holy Week, which is called the preparatory period and the last week, with the Great Caliph passing over five weeks .

What to do in Easter?

For Easter Day, easter buns are prepared in houses, boiled eggs are painted, candles are burned and prayers are read. The Virgin Mary, who was celebrated by the Syrians in July, is also part of this Easter concept.Catholics in churches , Easter night, the new fire is celebrated, the Easter candle is burned, the Holy Book in the sections of Mukkades is read, baptism ceremony is done. In the early days of Christianity , baptism ceremonies were held only once a year on Easter.

Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches take place outside the church before the rites of the night. When the group leaves the church, no light is burned, and on the turn  hundreds of candles are lit to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus .

Easter is a holiday celebrated by all Christians . Apart from the rituals that are commonly held in churches, there are different traditions according to the celebrated country. Among these, the most common is the Easter bunny and Easter egg gift, usually made of chocolate .


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