Easter Holidays 2019 and Egg

easter holiday and tradiitons

Easter Holidays 2019 and Egg

The word “Easter”, which is celebrated every year by Christians, is based on Hebrew. Easter means “passing without touching”. Easter, which means the escape of the Israelites from Egypt, is one of the most important holidays for Christians. The purpose of the feast is the resurrection of Jesus three days after he was crucified. There is no specific day for the celebration of Easter for Christians. Easter begins at the end of March each year, and continues until the end of April. Easter Day is celebrated on Sunday in churches and there are other names such as Kiyam yortus and resurrection day.


2019 Easter Holiday Days , the Catholic Church in the West will celebrate Easter Day on 21 April 2019, and the Orthodox Church in the East will celebrate 28 April 2019.


Easter is celebrated by all Christians. Apart from the widely held churches, there are different traditions according to the country in which it is celebrated. The most common are the Easter Bunny made from chocolate and Easter eggs. Easter covers the last week (Holy Week) with a five-week period of preparation for the Ephesians. On Easter Day (Resurrection Day) ends. Special buns (Easter muffins) are made at home for Easter Day; eggs (painted Easter egg) are boiled; candles are burnt; prayers are read.

Yortu, which is called the mother Easter of Mary, which the Syriacs celebrated in July, also comes into the concept of Easter. In Catholic Churches, the new fire is consecrated at the Easter night ritual, the Easter candle is lit, the book is read from the Holy Scriptures, the baptism ceremonies are performed. In the beginning of Christianity, baptism ceremonies were held only once a year on Easter Day. In Greek and Russian Orthodox churches, a ritual procession is held outside the church before the night ritual. When the regiment leaves the church, no light is lit; on the return, hundreds of candles are lit to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.


Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon on March 21st, when the spring day is the anniversary. Therefore, although the history of Easter Day can change, it is generally recommended that the second Sunday of April for Easter date.
Easter covers the last week (Holy Week) with a five-week period of preparation for the Ephesians. On Easter Day (Easter Sunday) ends. Pentekostes (hamsin) yortumu up to the 50-day period, the Easter period (hamsin period) is called.
Source: what is Easter, how and when it is celebrated

easter egg decorations

Easter Holidays 2019 and Egg

Easter Holidays 2019 and Egg decorations

Easter Holidays 2019 and Eggs

Colorful easter egg end easter cookies as rabbit and egg in the nest on wood background

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