April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

 Fill the soda can into the box after filling the soya sauce until you get the color of cola, so you can mislead your victim.

* Connect toilet paper to the end of a hair dryer and you can hit your target from the full 12 behind the door.

* Your friend, shampoo or toothpaste by putting the food in the morning morning can not forget a joke.

* Put a small ball of black feathers into the matchbox. You will attach a thin invisible twine to the bottom of the matchbox and tap it with a tape. When opening the matchbox, the rope will draw a lump of black. And so it will give a sensation of an insect that is flushed out of the ball. The application is up to you. Note: it would be helpful to install a ramp to the corner to prevent the ball from being inserted into the inner box.

* If you find someone who does not know this joke, you can apply them. The mouth of a pipe is partially painted black. In the field of application you look at yourself without touching your eyes. AA! What an interesting one you look at. That person takes a look at eniz what is the midwife? Ayı he says, but he is unaware of the ring around his eye.

* We’re cutting cubes of Turkish delight, then we’re finding her to be delicious. You look like one another, and then feed it to your parents or other friends.

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