10 Steps Organize Your Luggage

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10 Steps Prepare Your Luggage

It’s great to go on vacation. However, it is very difficult to say the same for the preparation process. Preparing a luggage  before going on holiday is both exciting and burdensome. I’m afraid there’s no such thing as a pair of jeans in the bag. For once, we need to be highly planned and wise. We have compiled the secrets of preparing a tidy and tidy suitcase for you before it was too messy. Here are the Easy Pack preparation tips in 10 steps.


1) Make A List

Prepare luggage you start by making a list first. Top of the list is toothpaste, shampoo, etc. write maintenance products and equipment such as a charger, camera, etc. Because it’s important to remember these things. Otherwise, you will always feel a limp during the holiday. Remember, the first rule of being regular is to act in a planned manner.

2) Choose A Suitcase With Small Eyes

you can’t imagine how life-saving a suitcase with small eyes is. The edges on the edges of the suitcases are actually one for your accessories. In addition to your accessories, these little eyes will be useful for your small personal items such as underwear and socks.

3) Determine How Many Days You Will Stay

the farther away you’re going to be from the practical suitcase, the more goods you’il get. To do this, each day should specify different combins and choose according to the goods. This is not only for clothes, but also for personal care products. For example, instead of taking a whole box of shampoo, you can fill enough of it in a small bottle for the day you’re staying. Don’t ignore these little details.

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4) Choose The Appropriate Clothes For Your Route

are you going on a boat tour or are you going to the holiday village, or is this a romantic getaway abroad? Maybe you’il have a sporting holiday with nature. The answer to all of this is, of course, you too. Taking into account the climate conditions, take appropriate items to your destination. If it’s a romantic holiday, elegant dresses, a sporty holiday, jeans, shorts, winter break pants and pants in a pair of pantyhose choose.

5) Be Strategic When Placing Your Things

luggage preparing this topic is quite sensitive. So much so that it is not the lack or abundance of things you take with you, but how you place them. At first, do not be afraid to wrinkle your clothes (whatever you do will already be wrinkled), fold your pants on the backs, put your socks, underwear or jewelry in your shoes. Thus, both the waste of space and prevent deformation of your shoes. Consult your grandparents if necessary. They’re people who have mastered this.

6) Do Not Occupy Space

before you pack your bags, be aware that you can procure some things at your destination. If you say ‘if you need’ for an item, you will never need it. To empty know. However, try to choose the smallest size of everything you can.

7) Your Clothes Are Less Than Your Choices

you can also gain a different look at the combi boiler to prepare your luggage take your clothes with you. For example, a white T-shirt. Don’t insist on wearing something different every day. You can also get a different look by combining the same shirt with your other clothes. Make your shoe choices from your shoes that you can wear both day and night. The same goes for your accessories. Don’t put anything in your suitcase you say’ maybe I’il wear’. Because I assure you, you will never wear it.

8) Hand Bag

don’t try to fit anything into one suitcase. Make a handbag, especially for items you may need along the way. Your medicines, chargers, cameras, deodorants, books, MP3s, etc. place your things in your handbag, not your suitcase. We don’t recommend you to buy a backpack. Because, especially in European metropolises, the theft of the backpack is quite a bit more than the case. A little bag hanging from the shoulder will be safer as you walk around the streets.

9) Try To Leave Extra Space

you do not have to make a regular bag preparation, but if you are a shopper, you should take care to leave a small empty space in your governor. Where you’re going, there may be a store that sells souvenirs for both yourself and your loved ones. We recommend that you make room for new things before you go on holiday.

10) Do Not Leave This Job To The Last Moment

if you leave this to the last moment, you will not be able to perform any of the items we counted. And you must forget something. In fact, when I say I don’t forget anything, you take a lot of unnecessary stuff with you. As a result, you still forget what you need to get. Because you can’t think of it as healthy, everything you say ‘either if you need it’ or ‘maybe I’ll wear it’ will appear to be exactly what you are going to use at the moment. As a result, as with every holiday, you find yourself sitting on a suitcase pushing the zipper.

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